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Encounter Youth Green Team, Online Training Platform

Welcome to Encounter Youth’s

Green Team+ Platform

Once green, always green!

Since 1999, Encounter Youth has mobilised hundreds of volunteers annually to serve young people across South Australia through our various programs. Our goal is to help young people encounter God and make a difference in the world.

Green Team+ is a one-stop platform that serves as a communication and resource hub for our volunteers as we serve together as the Encounter Youth Green Team®.

If you had an account on our old Online Training Platform (OTP), you can use your original login details on Green Team+ to log in without delay.

Green Team Connect

We are always looking for new ways to help you connect with the wider Green Team volunteer group. Green Team Connect offers the following ways to do so: Volunteer Directory (and Messaging), Volunteers Groups and Team Forums.

While this certainly includes those currently serving in the Green Team, we also invite those who are no longer able to volunteer in our frontline programs due to life priorities or circumstance. Does your heart continue to beat green and your head nod to the sentiment, “Once green, always green”?

Green Team Connect offers meaningful ways for everyone to remain connected. While we’re currently exploring new service opportunities through our Initiatives Program, one way for you to engage meaningfully is through our Team Forums. We invite you to participate today!

Our Training Roadmap

In this three-course module, we explore The Message of Jesus, Servant Evangelism and Intercessory Prayer.

In this three-course module, we cover all the training required to volunteer in our programs.

Training Roadmap, Green Team, Encounter Youth

Required Elective

In this three-course module, we cover cross-cultural missions and Operation Japan.

In this multiple-course module, we cover foundational topics for ministry and leadership.

Green Labs

In academic circles, a learning lab is defined as a physical and digital space for observation and evaluation, a place to rethink and enrich one’s perspectives on a subject. Green Labs captures our intent to create a space for rethinking and reimaging ministry and mission.

Through Green Labs, we offer helpful resources to enrich and enlarge your influence in the world. In time, we’ll offer workshops to church and community leaders on topics related to mission and leadership.